Anime Songs – Cabbit Paradise

Cabbit’s Paradise

(Based on Ganster Paradise)
By, Clayton Overstreet

I neither own nore profit from this song or these characters.

As I walk through the valley where I spend most of my day,
I take a look around and don’t know what to say.
But that’s just perfect for a girl like me,
Cause I have a one word vocabulary.
At 4:30 in the morning I’m fast asleep,
Sasami’s in the kitchen and Ryoko’s floating over Tenchi not making a peep.
And we’ve been listening to Washu cackle so long,
that even Aeka thinks that her mind is gone.
Yosho’s a man of the land,
He’s into disapline.
Got a wooden sword in his hand and wrinkles on his chin.
But when Tenchi has to do his chores and you have to do mine,
I’ll be partying like it’s twenty twenty nine.
I’ve been spendin’ most my life livin’ in a Cabbit’s Paradise.
I’m treated very nice,
livin’ in a Cabbit Paradise.
It’s no work or sacrifice livin’ in this Cabbit Paradise.
Mihoshi and Kiyone work at discount price,
while I’m in a Cabbit Paradise.
Kagato kicked me in the butt one week,
but I meowed at him and turned the other cheek.
I really didn’t care,
in fact I wished him well,
cause I knew one of these days he’d be burning in hell.
But I’ve killed a few people who didn’t deserve it,
A ‘tude with me? You know that’s unheard of.
I never wear clothes but I make a cute hat,
and my homies agree,
I look cute like that.
If you’d come to visit you’d have been bored to tears,
I was at the bottom of a lake for seven hundred years.
But I ain’t really quaint so please don’t point and stare,
I’m just a little vocally impaired.
There’s no “Hi” no “Hello” no “Shut up you’re annoying me”,
Like a mime on the street I’m as quiet as can be.
I’ve been spendin’ most my life,
livin’ in a Cabbit Paradise.
With some weird and bizzare guys I’m livin in a Cabbit Paraside.
I’ve got time for sin and vice livin in a Cabbit Paradise,
While Ryoko and Aeka fight I play nice,
livin’ in a Cabbit Paradise.
Tenchi raises carrots,
for me and no other,
Ate a basket on Monday,
soon I’ll eat another.
Think you’re really cute?
Think you’re a star?
Well I know I’m a million times as cute as you are.
I’m the cutest girl,
that you all want to be.
On your knees day and night,
getting pet for my whole life.
So don’t be cruel,
and stop being whiny,
Or else my sister I may have to put my foot up your hiney.
We’ve been spendin most our lives livin’ in a Cabbit Paradise,
We’re all after Tenchi at night livin’ in a Cabbit Paradise.
Even the cops I’m with are way too nice,
But you’d probably think it bites,
cause it’s just a Cabbit’s Paradise.

Author’s note

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