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Page FAQ

Q. Can you help me with my research paper/homework/story/ etc?

A. Yes and No. I'm willing to answer interview questions about the fandom, but if you ask about the current listed information please contact the orginal author not me.

Q. Can I copy your information from your website?

A. Maybe, If you are using the information for a school project that isn't web/internet based then sure use what you like. If you want to use something for your own page, ask me about what section, most of the articals on my site are not copyrighted to me and are being used with express permission, meaning you should track down the original author and ask them to use their information.

Q. Can I copy your graphics their really great?

A. No. Please respect my wishes. These graphics are all orignial graphics made just for my website only, and are copyrighted and trademarked to me, any illegal use of my graphics will result in legal action.

Q. May I add you to my AIM/MSN/Yahoo etc?

A. Yes, but email me first. I've set up accounts for the website so just let me know your information for which service and I'll return your email.

Q. Can you help me make a website?

A. No. I can give you some pointers or answer some html questions if you like, but I will not make it for you or help you all the time, I'm busy enough with my own site. If you need help check out SitePoint Forums, W3Schools,

Q. Can you send me info/graphics from this series?

A. No. It doesn't take too much time to look at my links section or my series section or check out the many other websites of links to find information and graphics.

Q. Anime University, were do I sign up for classes? Is this a real college?

A. For some strange reason I continue to get this question. Let me put this as simple and easy for people to understand, the Anime University is in the HUMOR section, enough said.

Q. I hate that right click thing, I can't copy, go back, add you to my favorites, etc. Why was that put on?

A. Think about what was put in that question. You should not be copying anyone's information without their permission. To go back there is a back button on all broswers. For favorites go to the little menu at the top of the brower that says favorites/bookmarks and go add favorite/bookmark. It was put on to show people that I'm serious about stealing my information, I've spent a lot money, and countless hours on this site for everyone to enjoy, why would I want someone to steal something without my permission or against my wishes? Simply put email me for permission either yes or no respect the answer.

Q. I submitted something to your page, I haven't received an email back, And It hasn't been posted and/or added?

A. You most likely will not receive an email back. I'm very busy and can't personally reply to everything submitted. Sometimes, things come up where I can't post things right away, give it about 1-2 weeks if it isn't posted email me about it, note Don't email me unless you have read the rules for what you sent in, 90% of the time people haven't read this, which is the reason your stuff hasn't been added.