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English Express

English Express is an English learning magazine put out by CNN and Asahi Press in Japan. Sean McLennan has had the distinct pleasure of writing "People This Month" (since discontinued) and "Exploring the Net" since March 1997. Following the appropriate link, you'll find links to the web pages that he has used in Exploring the Net and if you click on the link above, you can visit English Express's own homepage (in Japanese).

The Anime PowerHouse was in the June 1999 issue of English Express

The Artical:

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The Anime PowerHouse's Humor Section was Picked by Matt Courson For May 1999 Guest Picks on The AniPike's website.

Semls Sightings which seems to be a library newsletter, points to The Anime Powerhouse as a good resource for anime fandom. The issue is for May 2001, See the PDF file here: Semls Sightings PDF

As stated in my mission statment, this site is made by fans for fans. With that, I have been advertising a new American Anime Company. Their first anime release D7Peacemaker. Since they were happy for me showing them off, I get my website into the credits of their first DVD.

Take a look:


Animerica October 2002

In the October 2002 Issue of Animerica, There was an artical about Devil Hunter Yohko. In that artical there was special thanks was given to my website for the info.

Anime Invasion Vol. 5Anime Invasion Vol. 5

Wizard's Anime Invasion Mag. Vol. 5 has put a little blurb about my anime humor section.