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About The Owner

Welcome to the About the Owner page, I will at some point in the months ahead might get some pictures of me up here, but you wouldn't want to see me anyway, if you want to know something or think something should be here, email me and let me know.

Name: Chris Heilman
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 130 lbs.

Favorite Food: Chicken Teriyaki
Favorite Anime: Devil Hunter Yohko
Hobbies: All things Anime, Watching Movies, Gaming (Most RPGs, but all)

My Webpage Plans:
1.) As all webmasters I want my page to be popular but be worth coming to.
2.) To provide the most anime info/humor on the net in one place.
3.) To do what I can to help out the fandom as possible.

My Personal Plans:
1.) Start my own anime related business or Japanese Culture type.
2.) Being well known in the anime fandom, to be a guess at cons.
3.) Would like to make and/or produce my own anime.
4.) To keep the anime fandom as non-commerial as possible.
5.) To make the world anime fans.

My Personal Accolades:
1.) I've started a local anime club, which I no longer go to or run.
2.) This website of course.
3.) Made a few Anime Music Videos for cons, and more on the way.
4.) Worked on 3 personal issues of a fanzine.
5.) I've helped promote many webpages, and projects.

My Thoughts: I don't draw, wish I really could. I basicly do what I can for the fandom that doesn't cost me much if possible.